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Galvanised Steel Highway Guardrail
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1. Product introduction

It includes two w-beams, post and spacer.

2. w-beam guardrail 

Composition, the post and the spacer is installed between the two w-beam steel guardrails. 

During road being normal operation, the fence use plug steel post which can be easily 

inserted into the opening preset plug hole. It has the role of isolation and protection. At the 

same time, the fence together with the roadside lines looks neat and beautiful. When vehicles collides it, because the corrugated steel guardrail has good resistance and energy absorption, it is not easily to be crashed and also can efficiently protect vehicles and passengers. When pavement maintenance or other reasons need to make channel, pull the connection of each w beam guardrail post can be easily removed and open up channels to make a new channel.

3. Complete configuration and usage amount.

Highway w beam guardrail set includes: w beam, (flange) post, post cap, bracket, a bolt and 

nut, terminal section, flat plate washer, reflector etc.

What is the most commonly used models for w beam guardrail is Gr - A - 4 E. Each 1000 

meters of guardrail components are: w beam plate 250 pieces, 250 posts, cap 250, blocker 

250, bolt and nut 250 sets for M16 * 170, 250 sets for M16 * 42, 2000 sets for M16 * 35.  

W beam guardrail a ton can spread: 80 meters by 3 mm thick, 61 meters by 4 mm thick. 

4. System principles

1).The w beam barrier is the main form of semi-rigid guardrail. It is a kind of continuous 

structure by corrugated steel guardrail together with post and spacer.

2).It used soil base, post, deformation of w beam guardrail to absorb impact energy. Thus 

forcing the out of controlling vehicle to change direction and then to return to normal driving 

direction. It prevents the vehicle driving out of road to protect the vehicle and the passenger, 

and reduce the loss in accidents.

3).The w beam guardrail has strong ability to absorb collision energy; has a good line of sight induction function; can be in harmony with the road alignment; beautiful shape; can be used 

in the small radius curve, easy to replace the damaged part.

5. Product features

Has a good impact resistance, low cost, long service life, higher safety and green 

environmental protection, etc.

Material: high qualified steel plate after the anti-corrosion process

6. Product usage

Highways, secondary roads, provincial roads, county roads and rural roads of the scenic spot, large parking lot security protection engineering construction.

With professional galvanised steel highway guardrail developing and manufacturing factory at your service, Chengzhao International is a leading galvanised steel highway guardrail manufacturer and supplier in China. We can assure you the high quality and strong stability of our products, please rest assured to buy.

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